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Harper's Bazaar Singapore

If you love animated and mood-lifting artwork, Anwar’s pieces are one to look for. The self-taught artist has climbed his way to recognition, gaining attention since his win at the “Design A Hotel Room” regional competition. With numerous collaborations under his belt (including with Naiise, Kulprit, and The Ate Group to name a few), the artist is set to send good vibes one illustration as a time.


We've been fans of Anwar's since we bought a shirt featuring one of his designs from US t-shirt website Threadless 5 years ago. The man is an incredible artist, and if you are looking for a unique artwork for your walls then Anwar's pieces may be exactly what you are looking for. 

9 Fountains

Anwar’s designs are smart, colourful, bold and witty, which is why it comes as no surprise that his works have a quite a following. His creations are often visual representations of word-play or puns making them a highly enjoyable to look at. And as if this Singapore-based artist wasn’t already talented enough, the guy is also a highly sought-after muralist!.

Johnny Lau, Creative Director, Gallery Hotel Singapore

From the hotel's point of view, fresh and novel ideas are important to create a compelling experience for the guests. My take is that Anwar is the most creative one, and he has proven that for ITE students, there is really nothing beyond their reach.

Seri Jaes, Director, Actress, Script-writer

Anwar designed logos for dramas: Kisah Tok Kadi & Bujang Hantar. 

Appealing & enhances stories.


for all your continuous love and awesome support!

- Anwar Rafiee